CPT Global recognises the importance of its independence, experience, intellectual property, and innovative toolsets, which are paramount in meeting our clients’ expectations for the delivery of the right “Client Side” outcome

CPT’s philosophy is to strive to continually exceed our customers’ expectations by being client-focused, trustworthy, independent, professional, goal-orientated, and experienced.

  • Client-Focused – CPT works with and supports the IT management team with expert consulting and delivery services, to make our client’s organisation successful. We often provide governance over other vendors on behalf of our client, to ensure project success.
  • Trustworthy – CPT has undertaken many successful engagements that have involved access to sensitive customer information. We adhere to a strict privacy statement which governs the access and use of personal and other sensitive information.
  • Independent – CPT always provides independent advice to our clients. We do not sell any hardware or software products and therefore have no allegiances to third party vendors.
  • Professional – CPT values its reputation and stands by its services and recommendations. Satisfied, long term customers are our best reference.
  • Goal-Oriented – CPT is committed to helping our clients reach their organisational targets or Service Level Agreements. These SLA’s often contain financial penalties and/or bonuses that depend on the successful attainment of the stated goals.
  • Experienced– CPT’s consultants have an average of 20 years experience in the industry. We have world leading experts in their field of expertise, that we bring to our engagements for the benefit of our clients.

This philosophy has led to the establishment of our blue chip client list, which includes many of the top Fortune 500 organisations globally.


CPT Global is a specialist IT consulting services company with operations in Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX:CGO), CPT is a market leader in the provision of Capacity planning,
Performance tuning, Testing and Management of IT Consulting Services.

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