CPT has 3 established practices within the organisation and every consultant who joins the company becomes part of one of these practices as follows:

  • Technical Services
  • Testing Services
  • Management of Information Technology

CPT has a rigorous and effective recruitment process that assesses the potential of each candidate through a series of interviews. Each interview has a different focus and is designed to ensure relevancy to each candidate’s background and to ensure an open conversation results from all perspectives.

First (HR) Interview

The first interview is conducted by one of our resourcing specialists from the Resourcing/HR team. All are experienced and practical professionals with many years of recruiting experience in professional IT related environments and have an excellent understanding of the essential qualities and experiences that make up a successful CPT consultant.

The first interview is all about you as a person, your career to date, what you have achieved and your plans for the future. As well as the experiential aspect, this interview also covers CPT’s background and culture, the opportunities available and the reasons for your interest in joining the company. Basic information such as availability, remuneration expectations, ability to travel for assignments, and other information such as language skills or current travel documentation will be noted at this time.

Second (Technical) Interview

The second interview is conducted by an experienced consultant from within the practice relevant to your skillsets. This is essentially an assessment of your specific skills in your chosen professional discipline(s) that evaluates technical competency and overall consulting and delivery experience. This interview also gives the candidate the opportunity to understand what it’s like to work as a CPT consultant in the sorts of assignments and at the types of clients that we typically undertake. This interview is much more focused on the level and depth of your experience and you will be asked challenging questions to fully ascertain your level of competence in your particular discipline(s). Your industry experience will be tested, as well as the diversity of your capabilities.

Third (Directors) Interview

At the conclusion of the HR and Technical interviews, the two interviewers will jointly review the interview outcomes and recommend progression to the third and final interview with a CPT Director or delegate. Your confidence, ability to respond to often difficult questions, your personal style and the overall impression you make on the interviewers is key to the decision to progress to the final interview.

From CPT’s inception, one of our Directors has met every prospective CPT consultant for the final interview. While this interview is a summary of what’s been covered already and should confirm a mutual fit, nonetheless you should ‘expect the unexpected’ during this interview.
From this, a member of the Resourcing/HR team will advise of the outcome accordingly.



CPT Global is a specialist IT consulting services company with operations in Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX:CGO), CPT is a market leader in the provision of Capacity planning,
Performance tuning, Testing and Management of IT Consulting Services.

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