case study - capacity management services (bank)

The Bank wanted to establish an outsourced Capacity Management capability to provide monthly performance and capacity reports, annual capacity plans, and annual infrastructure procurement plans with all forecasts aligned to business requirements.

The Bank wanted to support business growth which resulted in spikey procurement cycles and over/under provisioning of IT Infrastructure representing a risk to the business if capacity was not available to meet urgent requirements.

CPT has a proprietary capacity management methodology which was implemented at the bank.  The cornerstone of this methodology is a central data repository for all system, application and business metrics referred to as the CMIS (Capacity Management Information System).  We have developed a range of ETLs (Extract, Transform and Load) for the collection and summarisation of disparate data.  This data is used as input for the capacity planning process.

Linear and nonlinear regression analysis is used to forecast infrastructure requirements based on business usage and planned future initiatives.

In addition to meeting the client’s desired outcomes of regular capacity reporting and annual capacity plans, CPT was also able to provide the following on an ongoing basis:

  • Identify potential performance and capacity issues before they became major incidents, ensuring availability of critical applications.
  • Provide a list of infrastructure procurement requirements focusing on planned business growth within the yearly budget cycle.
  • Identify infrastructure utilisation and ensuring infrastructure right-sizing. This prevents over/under procurement of infrastructure.
  • Ensure availability of critical applications.

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