case study - mainframe systems currency program (telecommunications)

CPT was a trusted partner for a major Canadian Telecommunications company, optimising and assuring delivery across their full technology stack.

With the advent of smartphone technology demands and increased customer expectations this client brought CPT into their Mainframe Upgrade Program of work. The Telco’s Mainframe Operating systems, Sub-systems and tools were in need of review and updating to offset any risks in the event of any failure on the mainframe. The client was focussed on the potential critical impact on their operations, revenue and market positioning.

CPT helped the client to baseline their systems and assure their delivery with process and technical expertise. CPT took on overall Program Management and built technical recovery plans, brought new technical thought leadership into the mainframe team, and worked with the client to create the upgrade implementation plan & models.

By driving the program technical delivery and implementation planning, CPT was able to work with the client to uplift their overall delivery capability. CPT worked to manage the implementation control rooms, implementation execution and uplift post-implementation support capability.

The program was delivered successfully and as a result, mainframe stability and reliability were uplifted, and the risk of failure mitigated.

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