Longpela Mainframe Quarterly – February 2017

Longpela Mainframe Quarterly – February 2017

Longpela Mainframe Quarterly – February 2017

Long pela

Resilience and Reliability

In this issue we’re continuing to look at resilience and reliability, but from our own unique point of view.

In our management section, we talk about measuring reliability of mainframe systems and applications, and how we’ve seen it done at some of our customer sites.

In this issue, we’re including two technical articles. The first tells ghost stories of how we’ve seen z/OS systems fail in the past. We also look to see how these failures were fixed, and if this is still relevant today.

In the second, we take IBMs IPCS, and see if we can make it work as a z/OS monitor.

Longpela Expertise also presented a webinar with Compuware on behalf of our partner CPT Global last December. In this presentation we talked about how CPT and Longpela Expertise have achieved CPU savings using Compuware Strobe. You can see a recording on Compuware’s YouTube chanel.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

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