VSAM: We Think It Never Gets Old
This week, we move our obsession to VSAM. You may think that VSAM has been done to death, and yet we often come up with interesting issues or questions about VSAM.

So this issue, we’re going all-technical about VSAM.

In we our first article, we talk about a project we did a while ago where a client wanted to convert from CICS/VSAM to CICS/Db2. We look at why they wanted this, and what Db2 gives them.

In our second article, we look at another project, where we determined which VSAM datasets defined to CICS were actually used. You’d think that this would be straightforward, but it wasn’t.

In our final article, we look at why we don’t use half-track CI sizes for VSAM, and if this is a good or bad thing.

We hope you enjoy tis issue.