No one can deliver digital business success alone. CPT has developed a world-class partner ecosystem which combines our consulting services and skills with industry leading partner solutions to help your organisation succeed.

Dynatrace provide digital performance management for business, operations and development, through their advanced application and operations monitoring tools. Dynatrace allows organisations to optimize customer experience, accelerate innovation and modernize their operations.
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Delphix provides data virtualisation solutions for devops, data recovery and data masking. The Delphix data virtualization engine helps organisations to radically improve the delivery of data in databases and filesystems, allowing them to<br /> accelerate application projects with data on demand, deliver data 100x faster on premises or in the cloud and reduce storage requirements by as much as 90%.
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BMC provide industry leading software solutions for IT management, focusing on service management, security and compliance, cloud, devops, digital workplace and big data. BMC solutions help organisations optimize their IT and delivery service management excellence.
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Many of the world’s leading companies and organizations are expected to manage these three critical elements of modern living. To do so, they are tapping into the power of data, which has become ubiquitous in both business and life. These organizations turn to NICE to operationalize this data to improve business performance, increase operational efficiency, prevent financial crime, ensure compliance, and enhance safety and security.
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Enov8 provide intelligent environment management & release automation. Their EcoSystem software helps organisations improve their IT & test environment management, driving IT environment transparency, reduced IT environment expenditure, improved availability & continuity, reductions in incidents, and a robust and proactive governance model that avoids crisis and the need for expensive remediation.
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Sirion Labs
Sirion Labs bring vendor and governance management into the digital age. With software that provides a single repository and dashboard across suppliers, Sirion helps your organisation manage contracts with data-driven supplier relationship management and sophisticated algorithms for extracting insights and risks.
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PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform for businesses. We empower DevOps, IT operations, support, security, and business leaders to turn any signal into insight and real-time action across any operational use case. When revenue and brand reputation depend on customer satisfaction, PagerDuty helps teams prevent and resolve business-impacting incidents and deliver exceptional digital experiences.
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Seerene helps organisations create a highly efficient software development teams. By providing analytic insight in your codebase and software development risks, Seeren gives you the data to transparently manage providers, legacy apps, or software innovation. Seerene sets a new standard for how CIOs manage their most important asset – their codebase and engineering capacity.
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Zaptz EzySnap products automate application migrations. Zero documentation or application source is required to instantly migrate server applications with less risk and more control. Zaptz products and services save up to 50% in application migrations, software packaging / software virtualisation costs and deployment time. Never research, script, document or configure an application again.
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Compuware provides software tools for mainframe that help organisations conduct application analysis & debugging, improve code quality and application performance as well as managing their data. Compuware development tools help developers improve their productivity and manage their SCM and development lifecycle better. The Compuware Topaz workbench solution provides release automation and allowing your to bring Agile and Devops to the mainframe.
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EPV Technologies
EPV Technologies is a leader company in Performance Analysis, Reporting, Tuning and Capacity Planning of Mainframe and Distributed Systems: its mission is to control and optimise hardware and software technologies in order to reduce costs and maintain service levels. This goal is pursued with proprietary products, services and methodologies used with success at our customer sites.
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Two Bulls
Two Bulls is a digital product company. We work with a select group of major clients and leading startups to create amazing products.
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RoZetta's Big Data Management platform houses, visualises, meshes and analyses massive data volumes from multiple sources. We access and analyse scalable, secure data that's both structured and unstructured, including geospatial, sensory, temporal and relational data.
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