Agile Project Management

Organisations are increasingly adopting Agile delivery for the clear business benefits the approach offers.  In line with industry trends, nearly 70% of CPT’s clients are now using Agile, Hybrid Agile or are thinking of adopting Agile for their business and IT changes.

Regardless of whether you need skilled Agile coaches and Scrum Masters to lead Agile teams, or want to inject testing, devops and automation, or environment and data management expertise into your communities of practice and delivery teams, CPT has skilled Agile consultants who can help.

Key Benefits of Agile

Source: Version One State of Agile Report 2016

Agile Testing & Enterprise Services

For large scale, enterprise Agile, communities of practice are the key to providing the expertise and services that support high velocity Agile teams. Whether your organisation is implementing Agile at scale via a scrum of scrums or a scaled agile framework (SAFe) approach, experts skilled in both agile delivery and the core disciplines of enterprise testing, automation, environment management, and data services need to be involved in both your communities of practice (some times known as guilds) and embedded in specific delivery teams. CPT’s consultants are both certified Agile Scrum masters and domain experts in their own right, allowing them to participate in Agile teams while improving enterprise capability in testing and automation, devops, environment and data management.

Commonly Employed Agile Techniques

Source: Version One State of Agile Report 2016

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