Test Automation

Test automation is an essential element of high speed, high quality software delivery. CPT test automation consultants have deep technical skills in both open source and licensed automation tools, but also the ability to define reusable, extensible automation frameworks, integrate them with your organisations delivery processes and tools, and the communication skills to engage and cooperate to get the job done.

CPT has a long history of delivering high quality, reusable test automation at the both the enterprise and application level. With deep technical knowledge across all types of test automation, CI and CD tools, and experience automating the testing, build and deployment processes of large, complex software projects, CPTs test automation consultants can help you.

CPT Test Automation Services

CPT can review your existing test automation capabilities at the enterprise or program delivery level to recommend the appropriate test automation tools or strategy.

We also provide test automation architects and engineers who can work to deliver a test automation capability or automated test cases as required.

Test Automation Benefits

  • Reduced time to production
  • Reduced test effort
  • Faster development and delivery
  • Reduced testing cost
  • Early detection of regression defects (run early, run often)
  • Increased Quality
  • Fewer production defects
  • Improved business confidence
  • Consistent and accurate regression
  • Comprehensive regression coverage
  • Clear audit trail
  • Easily add additional test data variations
  • Greater delivery and change flexibility

CPT Automation Solutions:

  • are robust, easy to maintain and easy to extend
  • maximise the return on automation investment
  • are leveraged for more than just regression testing
  • are accessible to and extensible by non automation engineers
  • integrate with existing delivery processes & tools
  • help clients accelerate delivery
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