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Big Data

Data demands are growing dramatically with the world’s effective capacity to exchange information through telecommunication networks was 281 petabytes in 1986, 471 petabytes in 1993, 2.2 exabytes in 2000, 65 exabytes in 2007 and predictions put the amount of internet traffic at 667 exabytes annually by 2014.

This is being driven by developed economies increasingly using data-intensive technologies such as mobile phones accessing the internet and the increasingly prevalent IoT.

Big data is now coming to prominence within Business Operations as a tool to help employees work more efficiently, streamline the collection and distribution of Information Technology (IT), and enables analysis of data that can help to find new correlations and opportunities.

Applying big data principles into the concepts of machine learning and deep computing will also allow IT departments to predict potential issues and move to provide solutions before the problems even happen.

While many vendors offer off-the-shelf solutions for big data, experts recommend the development of in-house solutions custom-tailored to solve the company’s problem at hand if the company has sufficient technical capabilities.

This is where CPT Global can help. Our strong background in capacity and performance tuning allows us to understand the current and future impacts on your infrastructure while our Digital Transformation team can help you to integrate, collect and analyse the data available to maximise the potential value.

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