Command Centre & Critical Incident Management

Are iconic events such as major change releases or significant business peaks or events beset with problems that only serve to infuriate the business stakeholders and diminish the reputation of IT?  Is your organisation a reactive “Fire Fighting” environment where “War Rooms” full of stressed, panicking people and strewn with cold pizza and coffee are standard fare?

CPT can help to banish these bad memories and position IT on a proactive footing to support the key business processing events in a considered and controlled manner.

CPT can tailor a solution suited to your current IT environment maturity that could comprise:

  • Event Planning
  • Command Centre
    • Design and Operating Procedures
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Communication Procedures and Protocols
  • Tool exploitation
    • Tool evaluation and recommendations (where gaps exist)
    • Tool training and coaching, and general performance management training of all IT technical support staff, across all in-scope disciplines
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Root Cause Analysis of issues reported to the Command Centre
  • Post Event Analysis, including Findings and Recommendations

CPT’s solution is a combination of our deep technical services expertise and proactive technical management on the implementation of methodologies to avoid the problems we see our clients failing to solve without our assistance.  Our goal with this solution is to help our clients be successful during these iconic events and to help our clients prevent those small problems that could cascade into crisis events if not dealt with correctly.

CPT has successfully coordinated and managed such iconic business events and incidents for a number of clients across the world.  One success factor that recurs often is that CPT as an external party is unhindered by internal history or politics and can generate the team cohesion required to deal with such major incidents.

CPT also offers the complementary Service Availability Management service to help mitigate the effects of any ‘iconic’ event before it occurs or becomes an incident.

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