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Digital business demands the right strategy and precision execution. With business increasingly dependent on technology to realise value, and customers more mobile and less forgiving and than ever before, mistakes mean lost business. Downtime has a direct and consequential impact on reputation, loyalty, revenue and profitability. Today’s business leader needs expert advice on digital strategy, digital technologies and opportunities, and the confidence that their digital solutions will deliver. They need to migrate workloads into the cloud to allow their applications to scale elastically to easily manage volume spikes and demand surges. They need to integrate and analyse their business data to mode and understand their customers and opportunities faster. They need precision execution to keep their competitive edge. If you need to understand the possibilities and opportunities of the digital world, speak to us.

Some staggering statistics on digital/IT project delivery

  • suggests that for every US$1Bn invested, US$122m is wasted due to lack of project performance
  • Geneca estimates that up to 75% of software projects fail
  • Changepoint estimates that 80% of project managers don’t understand how their project aligns to business strategy
  • estimates that high performing organisation complete 89% of their stated projects, while low performers complete 36%


When it comes to cost of unforeseen downtime, the impact can be catastrophic:

  • Direct revenue losses stemming from inability to capture and process customer orders
  • Irreparable reputation damage resulting in lost customers and immediate business decline
  • Loss of competitive positioning as customers switch to other providers
  • Other consequential losses

CPT can help assure the success of your digital business with:

Digital Business Risk Management

  • Risk Frameworks
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Risk Managers

Project Assurance & Governance

  • Testing Governance
  • Project & Program Management
  • Program Office
  • Benefits Realisation and Post Implementation Reviews

Technical Assurance

  • Robust Resilient Systems
  • Technical Assurance & Governance
  • Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery
  • Performance and Application Monitoring

Production Assurance

  • Problem & Incident Managers
  • Major Event Planning & Command Centres
  • Capacity Management
  • Infrastructure Services
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