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Data Virtualisation & Masking

Test Data Management has a profound influence on the speed and agility of IT delivery and testing. The ability to find the right data you need to test and have that data immediately available for developers and testers is key to ensuring high quality code is delivered quickly. CPT testing consultants have extensive experience designing and implementing test data management process and tools that are tailored for your organisation. We are able to leverage our breadth of industry expertise and our partnerships with test data and data virtualisation solution providers to recommend the right TDM solution for you.

Data Virtualisation

With lead times for provisioning data in most organisations ranging from weeks to months, IT leaders frequently overlook how data management limits and impacts the speed and agility of their IT delivery and DevOps programs. IT systems need data to operate; your developers and testers need to right data available at the right time to maximise their effectiveness. Data virtualisation solutions, including Data as a Service (DaaS) capabilities, allow your organisation to make masked data that stays synchronized with production changes instantly available to your delivery teams.

Data Masking & Privacy

With the regulatory and reputational costs of security and privacy breaches on the rise, data masking and anonymisation for test and development is a core requirement for any IT organisation. CPT has extensive experience designing and implementing data masking for enterprises across all IT platforms, from distributed to mainframe. Data security is a challenge for both production and non-production environments. Your developers and testers must use masked data to ensure your customers privacy and security before changes are released.  CPT has the independence and experience to help you establish the right data masking processes and governance, with the right tools, and to help you integrate them back into your IT delivery processes, testing and devops programs to ensure maximum speed and agility.

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