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CPT Global has been providing Testing Services since 1993 to most sectors of the IT marketplace, including Finance, Telecommunications, Retail, Government and Education.

CPT is an independent and client-sided consultancy, focused on ensuring solution deliverables meet technical, user, and business requirements.  We are methodology, process, and tool agnostic, enabling us to assist clients as they optimise existing processes, rather than trying to sell clients a particular process or tool. Our approach delivers best practice, fit-for-purpose testing solutions across our enterprise testing offerings.

Test Strategy & Management

Establishing test strategies that align to the needs of our clients, delivered by our highly experienced Test Practice members, is an important CPT offering.  Our team of “been there, done that” Test Managers can bring their extensive technical and industry experience to bear on any testing situation, getting the most value out of our clients’ investment in testing.

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Test Capability & Maturity Reviews

In the fast-paced market we work in now, it is important to keep key capabilities aligned to the enterprise direction.  CPT specialises in short, sharp reviews of test capability and maturity, producing a report that gives our client everything they need to know about where they are right now, what their future state needs to be, and a roadmap with all the detailed and prioritised steps to get there.

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Performance Testing

As a key service offering within our Enterprise Testing practice, Performance testing is a critical service demanded by our clients. In complex multi-tier and multi-vendor environments, our clients are still looking for the answer to the one question, “Will it work in Production ?”

CPT offers a number of tailored solutions in this practice beginning with the provision of resources on demand through to the establishment of fully functioning “Testing Laboratories”

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Test Environment & Data Management

Test Environment and Data Management are the foundations that underpin quality outcomes from testing. CPT has been actively engaged in Test Environment and Data Management services since the inception of CPT in 1993.

CPT’s test environment and data management activities have been of varied complexity and with a variety of delivery outcomes across many of our key clients. Our experience ranges from the building of large scale end to end testing infrastructure from the ground up, to the modification of existing infrastructure and support to enable the testing of specific initiatives and everything in between. The environment created having been for the purposes of supporting Systems Integration Testing, Performance Testing, Quality Assurance / Pre-production testing activities.

CPT’s experience in Test Data is equally varied and encompasses not only the design and extraction of test data to match testing requirements but has extended to the creation of innovative data scrambling solutions to assist our clients with the protection of sensitive data in non-production environments whilst preserving the funtional aspects of the test environment experience.

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Test Tools, Reporting & Metrics

Test tools are an often overlooked area, and CPT has made a name for ourselves helping our clients get the most out of the investment they have made in their tools.  CPT takes an enterprise view of tooling with a view to aligning the tooling approach to the strategy for testing desired outcomes, and with a focus on benefits and ROI.  Reporting and metrics flow out of a well structured test tool, and our test practice has built the business logic for a powerful enterprise-steering reporting engine used by clients around the world.

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Test Automation

Automation of testing is a significant investment in both tooling and resourcing.  When done well, automated testing can drive efficiencies throughout the testing process.  CPT has deep capability in this area,  and has built and implemented automation frameworks for clients that are still the backbone of their testing today.

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Test Coverage

Ensuring that testing is structured to achieve maximum coverage with a minimum of test scenarios is essential to  the testing value equation.  CPT has built a tool which is able to analyse the code coverage of testing, helping to ensure a focused and efficient testing effort.

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CPT Global is a specialist IT consulting services company with operations in Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX:CGO), CPT is a market leader in the provision of Capacity planning,
Performance tuning, Testing and Management of IT Consulting Services.

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