Test Automation

Many organisations are eager to take advantage of the benefits automation can provide but have also experienced frustration with achieving the promised benefits.  CPT understands the reasons why some automation projects don’t succeed and we approach automation with the same level of rigour as would be expected on any complex development project.

CPT delivers automation solutions that:

  • provide our clients with the confidence to accelerate development and respond with greater agility to meet rapidly changing market conditions
  • maximise the return on automation investment
  • are leveraged for more than just regression testing
  • are accessible to and extensible by non automation engineers
  • are integrated with existing development and test processes
  • are robust, easy to maintain and easy to extend

Why CPT Automation Projects succeed

CPT understands that the success of an automation project doesn’t rely just on adopting a toolset with all the latest features, but requires consultants with the right skill set to make the best use of that toolset and the engagement and cooperation of numerous teams.

To foster the buy-in and collaboration required for success CPT:

  • Perform an initial assessment to understand the Enterprise wide requirements and the required automation strategy and supporting tools
  • Take a collaborative approach to development, bringing experience in from non testing streams ensuring buy-in across the Enterprise, greater adoption of the solution and maximising Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Work closely with vendor/partner groups to gain engagement and leverage experience
  • Undertake the required organisational change management to embed automation into existing processes

To ensure the quality of the solution CPT:

  • Treat an Automation project with a similar methodology to software development
  • Develop a scalable Automation solution not just a collection of record and playback regression scripts
  • Build from a solid framework developed to a set of standards and guidelines with a long term view to extensibility, maintainability and useability
  • Develop the solution to a plan to accurately scope, cost and resource the effort
  • Provide consultants with the programming skills and manual testing  and development experience required write high quality scripts, identify suitable candidate tests for automation and meet other automation needs

CPT have consultants with extensive experience automating the build and deployment processes for large, complex software projects.

Benefits of Test Automation

  • Reduced time to production
    • Reduced test effort
    • Faster development
  • Reduced cost
    • Early detection of regression defects (run early, run often)
    • Fewer resources
  • Increased Quality
    • Fewer production defects
  • Improved business confidence
    • Consistent and accurate regression
    • Clear audit trail
  • Comprehensive regression coverage
    • Additional data variations e.g. Customer types
    • Easily cover multiple operating system and browser versions and combinations
    • Expanded coverage during regression runs for emergency fixes

Benefits of Build and Deployment Automation

  • Fast and frequent builds and deployments
    • Drives cost reduction through early capture of defects
  • Positions the organisation for Agile or Continuous Delivery development methodologies
  • Reduced lead times for testing to start
    • Initial environment build out times often are reduced from weeks to hours
    • Build time for a new environment can be accurately predicted
  • Reliable and accurate builds and deployments
  • Enables self serve deployments
    • Test team can choose when and which builds to accept into test environments, often deploying a new build with a single click
    • Sales team can easily deploy know good builds into a environment to provide demonstrations of new functionality to the customer
  • A subset of automated infrastructure validation tests can double as environment monitors
    • eg. Services available, free disk space, free db space, CPU utilisation


CPT Global is a specialist IT consulting services company with operations in Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX:CGO), CPT is a market leader in the provision of Capacity planning,
Performance tuning, Testing and Management of IT Consulting Services.

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