Test Capability & Maturity Reviews

Test Capability and Maturity Reviews

CPT specialises in reviews of test capability and maturity, producing a report that gives our client everything they need to know about where they are right now, what their future state needs to be, and a roadmap with all the detailed and prioritised steps to get there.

A complete review will commonly address focus areas including:

  • Test Engagement Model
  • Test Organisation Structure
  • Test Capability
  • Test Estimation & High Level Planning
  • Test Deliverables & Artefacts
  • Test Tools
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Environment & Data Management
  • Reporting & Metrics
  • Interaction between testing and other SDLC processes, such as requirements gathering, software configuration management and release management


The scope of a specific engagement will be tailored to a client’s concerns and needs, and can address particular focus areas (eg. test management, or test environment management), or particular testing types (eg. System test, SIT, UAT, performance testing), and can address the test capability at any level from complete organisational testing capability, down to a review of testing within a single project.


The duration of the reviews will depend on the client’s scope, with a full organisational level review being conducted by a team of test specialists over multiple months, to limited focus project level reviews using one or two resources over a week.

Key elements of the review deliverables are:

  • A heat map describing the current state of the test elements addressed by the review

This provides a high level view of the assessed current state, and is an effective communication tool both within and outside the test organisation to support the resultant changes.

Test Review - heat map

Test Review – Heat Map

  • A benefits/cost matrix describing the key recommendations made by the review

This provides a simple visual aid in prioritising and planning uplift work. Again, this is a useful communication tool both internally to the test group, and externally.

Test Review - benefits-cost matrix

Test Review – benefits/cost matrix



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