Test Coverage

 Test Coverage 

Enduring since the beginning of CPT has been our interest in determining the quality of the testing being undertaken. To meet our objectives, and to better assess the testing outcomes CPT has been involved in the creation of innovative Test Coverage solutions.

Our solutions aim to ensure that testing is structured to achieve maximum coverage with the minimum of test scenarios required, thereby optimising the testing effort and cost. CPT has created tools to analyse the code coverage of testing, helping to ensure a focused and efficient testing effort.

CPT  Test Coverage Analysis Service gives management a detailed and logical mapping process to monitor which areas of a system have been tested.

CPT’s Test Coverage Analysis Solution can give our clients :

  • Greater levels of overall testing effort
  • Quicker time to market from reduced test duration
  • Lower delivery costs from reduced overall testing effort
  • Improved quality by ensuring higher quality production code

CPT’s Test Coverage Analysis Solution will deliver this by :

  • Targeting testing and reducing test duplication by identifying components successfully tested
  • Improve testing effort efficiency by :
    • Reducing defect retest failure
    • Reducing defect churn
    • Reducing invalid defect counts
    • Ensuring earlier test phases have been tested to agreed levels

The Test Coverage Analysis Service will allow our clients to answer typical questions that a Test Manager needs answered :

  • What actions were performed during a test ?
  • What level of coverage does testing cater for ?
  • Where is testing focused, and by implication what gaps exist ?
  • What level of testing is actually being performed versus being reported ?
  • Have all the impacts of a change been appropriately considered and tested ?
  • When an error has occurred, what specific components of the application were under test at the time ?
  • Has a component been sufficiently re-tested when a defect has occurred ?
  • Have all components been exercised by system testing prior to introduction into an integrated environment ?

The Test Coverage Analysis Service allows our client to:

  • Control systems
  • Increase productivity and focus
  • Create Test Environment Safeguards
  • Baseline Regression Test Beds/Scripts
  • Improve vendor governance

CPT makes this possible by using automated processes to gather information about components (programs, transactions and SQL) from different sources and matching them to the test effort. This provides objective verification of what has been tested, along with other benefits.



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