Test Environment and Data Management

 Test Environment and Data Management :

CPT has extensive experience working with ‘multi-vendor’ Clients across multi platform testing environments. CPT is also experienced in creating Workbenches for test automation, and performing Change Management processes for environments whilst in testing.

Areas of expertise in the Test Environment and Data management sphere that CPT has many years proven experience in include :-

  • Management and Coordination of the build and maintenance of Integrated Testing Environments and Performance Testing Environments
  • Capacity Planning and Management of the Environments
  • Systems Software upgrade impact assessments (such as cyclic maintenance, and Resvols)
  • Management and Coordination of batch testing in these test environments, inclusive of automation capabilities through batch job schedulers such as BMS Control-M, CA Scheduler and TWS/OPC
  • Data Provisioning strategies for testing environments
  • Strategies for extracting production data and privatizing this data for loading into integrated testing environments
  • Strategies for testing with virtual dates in testing environments
  • Providing guidance for solutions with any technical aspects for production of tooling for managing and maintaining testing environments
  • Providing guidance for sharing of the test environments by multiple projects, especially for release based delivery models to different stakeholders



CPT Global is a specialist IT consulting services company with operations in Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX:CGO), CPT is a market leader in the provision of Capacity planning,
Performance tuning, Testing and Management of IT Consulting Services.

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