Application Migration

Microsoft Application Migration

A majority of organisations grapple with critical applications operating on legacy stacks, exposing them to increasing support costs and security risks. CPT, with the help of our partners, have an industry leading microsoft application migration and cloud readiness solution that provides schedule certainty while reducing cost and risks.

Complex Business Challenges

Legacy applications and workloads running on Microsoft OS & SQL version versions that are no longer supported can be a real business challenge. Costly, fixed term customer support agreements, lack of path to Cloud, exposure to malware, ransomware and other security risks, lengthy and uncertain migration programs.

Risk Reduced Migration Program Management

CPT can address these challenges. In collaboration with our partners we offer application migration program management and testing services that reduce both schedule risk and cost. By automating information gathering (discovery) and application migration, our solution provides the essential information upfront, resolving the key challenges of the traditional microsoft application migration program.

Migration to Cloud

For most organisations, legacy applications and workloads are a key blocker for Cloud adoption. Reducing the time, cost and uncertainty associated with migrating legacy microsoft applications to your preferred cloud ready operating platform can tip the balance in your favour.

The Low Risk MS Application Migration Approach:

  • No impact to operations
  • Diagnostic (PoC) on 2-5 servers
  • Sample Reports
  • Application analytics and integration points
  • Server Usage Analysis
  • User Accounts to Migrate
  • Understand with accuracy which servers can be decommissioned
  • Apply to all applications
  • Risk Based Implementation
  • Far less manual migration effort and cost
  • Issue & Remediation effort known upfront
  • Clear critical path for program management
  • Automated migration & Remediation in parallel
  • Accurate Server decommissioning
  • Cloud Readiness / Transition
  • Plan & Architect with detailed and accurate information
  • More transition time
  • On going compliance
  • Gap Analysis
  • Reporting & Remediation
  • Available immediately
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