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Data Lake – But Can You Swim ?

Too often we see our clients’ overworked support staff trying to deal with mountains and lakes of data and trying to distill the important messages that may be flagging an impending crisis before the crisis arrives.  Too often we see production support staff, overwhelmed with information and data, that respond “We ignore the amber alerts and don’t do anything until it goes red”.

Whether it’s because there are no tools, the tools aren’t configured correctly, or the support people aren’t knowledgeable in the tools or performance management, CPT can help to guide you through this dilemma to a better method of operations.


CPT brings a holistic “End to End” perspective to all matters performance.  Our people know infrastructure, operating systems, application languages and database technologies.  Our people know what normal and abnormal behaviour looks like and can help to proactively identify problems before the crisis becomes a reality.  Whether it is by using CPT’s expert tools, or our partner solutions, combined with our expertise CPT can provide solutions that will:

  • Ensure that the right metrics are identified, collected and retained at the right level of granularity
  • Help to evaluate, select, implement and administer tools:
    • That measure and monitor user experience
    • That address and report capacity and performance outcomes

For more information, contact us and let us explain how we can help you to address your concerns.

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