Performance Engineering

CPT specialises in performance engineering and testing at an enterprise level across distributed, mid-range and mainframe environments. Our unique approach to systems performance aligns business imperatives with technical considerations to take performance risk and issues off the critical path.  Our consultants have the skills and expertise to tailor a performance engineering solution that will realize your business objectives whilst working within defined budget constraints.

CPT has extensive experience with a wide range of open source and commercial load testing tools and protocols. Our consultants will look to leverage your existing toolsets while confirming they are “fit for purpose” for the proposed testing activity. If required CPT can recommend an appropriate test tool solutions based upon your requirements and objectives.

For over 20 years CPT has been providing high quality performance testing services, including developing test plans and scripts, and executing and reporting on performance tests. With have been involved with the facilitation of non-functional requirements and risk assessment of planned changes to determine the performance testing solutions required.

Performance Testing Activities

Performance Testing Where response times for business critical functions are measured under expected load and compared to established benchmarks and Non Functional Requirements.
Stress Testing Where the breakpoint of the system being tested is established
Soak Testing Long duration testing to assess stability and detect memory leaks.
Volume Testing Running tests using the expected throughput to verify the system will handle anticipated volumes.
Capacity Testing Running tests at a number of stepped load levels to allow extrapolations to be made as to when the system will reach capacity.
Failover Testing Performing failover of high availability components while the system is under load to assess user impact and system recovery operations

Our Performance Testing Services

Service Description Usage
Fit For Purpose Evaluation When you need to know whether a package can meet your performance needs. The concept is great, the benefits look compelling, but is this application really going to cope with your transaction load? Fit for Purpose Evaluation enables you to understand whether the product under investigation can support your projected usage, before you get in too deep.You will understand whether your proposed application can meet your cost and performance objectives – before you have committed to it. Use Fit For Purpose Evaluation When:the objectives for a new application have been defined
you have identified one or more candidate products but have not committed to purchase
you need to understand whether the products can meet your performance objectives without endangering the business benefits
timely and cost-effective performance management is important to you and your business
Commercial Acceptance When you need to know whether you are getting the performance you are paying for!The new application has been delivered. It has passed function testing and integration testing. Will it meet the performance criteria you specified? Will it perform with the resources allocated to it or will you be faced with unbudgeted upgrades? Can you confidently sign off the acceptance?Commercial Acceptance emulates your production environment to put a new application through its paces and measure how it handles your projected load. Commercial Acceptance demonstrates whether the application can support your required service levels on the target configuration. Use Commercial Acceptance when: you cannot afford to accept an application that does not meet its contracted performance and cost objectivesyou have clear service level criteria, linked to configuration and volume projectionsthe application is available for acceptance and implementation
Capability Assurance Modelling When you need to take performance issues off the critical path – permanently!Don’t wait to see when performance problems will hurt your system – predict performance bottlenecks confidently  and take decisive action to prevent them. Capability Assurance Modelling lets you see how your application will scale to match your business plans. It identifies when performance will be at risk and shines a light on weak links. Do you know when horizontal and vertical upgrades will be required, or when other remedial action will be necessary? Use Capability Assurance Modelling when:you have selected an application or architecture, but not yet deployed
you can’t afford performance “surprises”
timely and cost effective performance management matters to you and your business
Service Level Risk Assessment
Service Level Risk Assessment When you cannot afford a performance degradation from a planned new release:It is imperative that you put in the new release of your critical application. You need to know the impact and the user experience. You need facts, not conflicting opinions. Service Level Risk Assessment baselines your current application and then applies your expected transaction load to your new release to determine whether your service levels will be at risk.Any risks to service levels are identified before you implement. Use Service Level Risk Assessment when:there is a mandatory new release of an existing application
the application is critical to your business
performance stability is essential
time is critical
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