Solution & Enterprise Architecture

CPT provides a range of IT solution architecture services

CPT has provided Enterprise Architecture and Technical Architecture services for numerous organisations either as part of IT Strategic Planning engagements or as a service to organisations undertaking large complex system integration projects.

CPT focuses on architectural services that support the design, development and integration of systems. CPT will conform with the requirement to provide services in accordance with ABR6205 and DI(G) OPS43-1 the Defence Architecture Framework and Systems Architect. CPT’s Enterprise Architects are experienced in a range of recognised methodologies and tools and apply them pragmatically to the requirements of the individual organisations for which they consult. Such methodologies and tools include the U.S. Government’s Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF), the Zachman framework, the Rational Unified Process/UML, Rational Rose and System Architect.

Key Enterprise Architecture capabilities provided by CPT include :

  • Developing information, application technology architectures that highlight business decision points, needs, directions and priorities.
  • Utilising CPT’s knowledge of industry trends and developments to ensure the architectures are appropriate for the organisation’s risk profile, business priorities and strategic directions.
  • Preparing and presenting material to convey key concepts, their relevance and implications for the organisation to audiences ranging from technical to business management.
  • Preparation of migration plans that can take into account the organisation’s current systems, governance approach, organisational structures etc. This holistic approach assists the organisation to achieve their tactical goals, maintaining alignment with the strategic goals and business vision while recognising the risks and ensuring appropriate migration steps are implemented.

These services are delivered within complex environments, including :

  • Organisations with many interfaces and dependencies both within  the organisation and between organisations.
  • Organisations with mission critical business systems, very large transaction volumes and significant business regulatory constraints, such as the financial industry.
  • Global organisations where diversity in time zones, laws, regulations, language, supplier presence and service availability provides additional complexity.
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