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CPT Global is a specialist IT consulting services company with operations in Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX: CGO), CPT is a market leader in the provision of strategic advice and technical and assurance services to a broad range of organisations in all industry sectors.

CPT consultants are leaders in their areas of speciality and our expertise and advice is always in demand; many of our engagements are repeat business with our clients with whom we have developed trusted relationships.

CPT has a particular purpose focussed on enabling digital business success and our world class partner ecosystem is aligned with delivering faster, more efficient and assured digital solutions & IT.

Through a focussed consultancy, involving a professional team with complementary skills and perspectives, CPT will tailor our phased ICT Strategic Planning methodology (illustrated below) to meet the the specific client requirements.

Strategic Workshops

CPT has expert facilitators who use a workshop approach adapted from “Storyboarding” and “Compression Planning” techniques:

  • Self documenting technique that graphically depicts ideas and relationships
  • Works extremely well on complex topics where the goal is creating consensus

The workshop technique has been effectively applied with executives to work through business problems and complex investment decisions.

Strategic Reviews

CPT is an independent publically owned company and has no conflict of interest with software suppliers, outsourcers or project development organisations. This independence allows CPT to provide expert and independent assurance reviews for IT programs.

Readiness for Service Reviews

CPT provides a Readiness for Service Review for ICT programs nearing the implementation phase of the delivery cycle.  The formats of these reviews is based on the Gateway Review methodology and protocols and can be tailored to address more specific areas of concern in a program.

Types of Reviews:

  1. Project Readiness

Is the ICT project on track to deliver within budget, meeting all requirements and of an acceptable level of quality?

Are the testing and acceptance metrics indicating that program will delivered on time and are there any corrective actions that can be taken to meet the planned release dates?

  1. ICT Operational Readiness

Are the ICT operational readiness activities well advanced so they the project can transfer operations and support to the ICT operational Groups?

Have all of the handover and implementation acceptance criteria been met or the plans are on track?

Have the operational service level agreement agreements and reporting between the system owner, the business owner and ICT been developed and agreed?

  1. Business Readiness

Are all of the business implementation activities well advanced in the areas of training, operating procedures and documentation; business owners identified and organisational change activities completed?

Has the ongoing operational governance framework been developed and implemented that supports the operational performance and evolution of the business system?

Post Implementation Reviews

The independent assurance review methodology can be adapted for conducting post implementation reviews.

Typically there are four reasons for a Post-Implementation Review:

  1. To ascertain the degree of success from the project, in particular, the extent to which it met its objectives, delivered planned levels of benefit, and addressed the specific requirements as originally defined.
  2. To examine the effectiveness of all elements of the working business solution to see if further improvements can be made to optimise the benefit delivered.
  3. To examine the implementation and go-live process to ensure that the risks were understood and were acceptable.
  4. To learn lessons from this project, lessons which can be used by the team members and by the organisation to improve future project work and solutions.

CPT has completed a number of Post Implementation Reviews (PIRs) for clients on a range of implementation engagements.  These include:

  • Core systems implementations
  • COTS product implementations
  • Website implementations
  • Web Services Implementations:
  • Infrastructure/Services Implementations:

CPT applies a core PIR approach based on the Gateway Review methodology and protocols that we adapt for each client engagement.  These reviews tend to take between 2 to 3 weeks depending on the complexity and number of interviews required.

Governance Frameworks

CPT’s IT Governance Guide ensures that there are formal practices in the organisation to ensure IT investments and decision making effectively align with business goals and add value to the organisation.

The Guide provides an overview of the IT governance structures, committees and what governance milestones, controls and reporting are expected to be applied for activities based on the Plan, Build and Operate delivery model.

The Guide provides checklists for each of the governance activities and the key questions or criteria the IT Governance Committee will apply for the reporting and monitoring of IT activities as they progress through the service delivery lifecycle – including ongoing operations of the systems and services.

Strategic Sourcing

CPT has worked with the organisations from early evaluation of the business objectives through to transition to the new supplier(s). CPT’s Strategic Sourcing Methodology (illustrated below) has been applied through the following key phases:

  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Business Case
  • Organisation change strategy
  • RFT preparation
  • RFT evaluation and selection
  • IT governance and service desk strategy
  • Contract preparation and negotiation
  • Transition management
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