Performance Tuning

Representing the “P” in CPT, over 20 years CPT has built a proven record of successfully completing challenging and technically complex Performance Diagnosis / Tuning engagements across a wide range of both mainframe & non-mainframe technologies.

CPT’s End-to-End approach takes into account the impact of Architecture, Design, Scheduling and Work Practices. CPT capabilities enable us to focus on any aspect of the service / application or infrastructure (including Operating Systems, Storage, Networks, Middleware, Databases and Application code) under analysis.

CPT is typically engaged to provide expert diagnosis teams to assist our clients with an urgent need to return a mission critical service or application back to health by the identification and resolution of the underlying “root cause” issues.

CPT’s experience has been that these engagements typically take place in a highly stressed situation and our clients are looking for a trusted partner to solve their problems. CPT brings seasoned experts covering a broad range of technologies as well as a proven approach to diagnosing and solving service,  application, configuration and infrastructure performance issues. Our expert diagnosis teams typically constitute a mix of subject matter experts from across our core disciplines:

  •   Performance Tuning
  •   Capacity Planning
  •   Architecture Design and Review

As a key part of our approach, CPT will quickly establish a plan and schedule up front that drives the key activities, personnel, access requirements and other pre-requisites to diagnose the performance problems in the shortest timeframe possible.

Also, our engagements are multi-phased, with checkpoints and signoff between each that ensure predictability of price and outcomes for our clients.

The CPT Approach

CPT’s approach to performance tuning is end-to-end, and combines business input with technical expertise to understand problem root cause, then demonstrate and maximise the business benefits.

The methodology is applicable to any combination of architectures, processing platforms and/or technologies. Tuning can be undertaken to proactively provide surety to business customers, or to re-actively address operational issues that are adversely affecting business delivery and/or SLAs.

CPT can further assist by tailoring an ongoing Performance Management approach and culture. This includes architectural reviews and linkages to other enterprise processes such as Capacity Management which are congruent with the ITIL framework.

“Return To Health Roadmap”

performance diagnosis 1

  1. Define : In conjunction with the application users, define the problem as experienced by the users with a view to replicating and accurately measuring the problem scenario
  2. Measure :  Using a combination of system metrics and 3rd party tools measure the problem and how it impacts upon the underlying application infrastructure (hardware and software)
  3. Analyse :  Undertake a detailed analysis of the system metrics and data to look for anomalies that could point to performance issues
  4. Diagnose :  Investigate the performance issues as highlighted above and ascertain solutions to resolve the reported performance issues
  5. Recreate :   Under non-production conditions, recreate the problem prior to introducing the proposed solution
  6. Test :   Test the modified non-production application to determine the benefit of the proposed solution
  7. Measure :   Measure the outcome from the non-production application testing
  8. Implement :   Where the modification provides benefit, instigate implementation of the modification into the production instance of the application
  9. Measure :   If the performance of the application meets acceptable user requirements, declare success; otherwise repeat steps 3 to 9

As Part of the Performance Diagnosis Service, CPT will:

  • Provide an expert diagnosis based upon a proven methodology derived from documented facts and metrics, not anecdotal observations or opinions
  • Provide consultants that work end-to-end  to cut across the application, infrastructure and operations silos
  • Provide consultants that are experienced in working in outsourced, in-sourced and combination environments, regardless of geographical regions
  • Provide a proven approach that will ensure the problem is identified, measured and the path to success mapped accordingly.

The CPT Difference

CPT is differentiated through its:

  • Vendor independence
  • Highly experienced technical consultants
  • Strong communication skills
  • End-to-End problem analysis
  • Skills transfer to clients
  • High staff retention and professional development
  • Proprietary methodologies and work processes

Performance Tuning Services are equally applicable to application projects, business units or IT service providers (internal or outsourced).  CPT works regularly and comfortably with business areas, project teams and service providers.

Recognisable Benefits

The CPT reputation for Performance Tuning invariably leads to a variety of direct and indirect benefits, including:performance tuning 1

  • Reduced response times
  • Reduced batch end-to-end elapsed times
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Greater throughput
  • More  efficient use of resources
  • Reduced licensing costs
  • Consistent SLA achievement
  • Improved stability, availability and reliability

Complementary Performance Optimisation Services

Packaged Product Tuning. CPT has expertise in performance tuning and optimisation of many widely used packaged applications including Oracle Financials, Hogan, SAP and PeopleSoft.

Development Tuning. Proprietary Application Development Environments (ADEs) and development resources require constant monitoring and tuning to ensure that downtimes are minimised and that effective use is made of machine and people resources. CPT also provides tuning audits and reviews to measure the  effectiveness of development environments.

Database Administration. Management of corporate data is a critical element to the success of any client’s business strategies. CPT’s pool of experienced database administrators provides expertise in database management processes, data modelling, data optimisation, SQL code reviews and system management tools/utilities.

Application Performance. CPT examines software applications using a top-down approach, with an increasing level of detail at each successive layer. This review considers the complete application development life cycle and changing business requirements.

Architectural Review. The technical and application architecture is the foundation for ensuring attainment of SLAs and business benefits.

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