case study - performance monitoring (superannuation)

Australian superannuation fund improves customer experience with guidance from CPT.

CPT were engaged by one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds to resolve recurring outages with their primary systems including a client facing portal accessed by millions of customers. The fund has over $100 billion under management.

The client requested CPT’s assistance to help evaluate the root cause of issues they were facing and to work with other vendors to produce and implement a remediation plan.  The client’s vision was to be able to monitor their environment with a standard toolset providing a single view of all systems being monitored.

CPT was able to identify the root causes of the existing issues that were causing outages and worked with vendors to determine and implement solutions. CPT proposed, successfully evaluated and implemented Dynatrace as a single monitoring solution. Dynatrace provides comprehensive AI based monitoring of system infrastructure, applications, security, databases and storage in line with the client’s requirements.

CPT was able to deliver the desired outcomes of improved system stability and a monitoring system that provides a single view of all components of systems. Beyond the client’s ask, CPT also recommended some process and tool usage enhancements including that developers and support staff were given access to Dynatrace for full transparency. Developers are now able to monitor performance in development and problems can be diagnosed and fixed before they reach production.

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