case study - service management improvement (government)

The government Agency is implementing a digital transformation program to modernise its business processes and services to its customer base. The program included an ICT Service Management improvement stream to enable the Agency to manage the new platforms and digital channels the digital transformation program will deliver.

CPT was engaged to assess the current ICT operational capability and outline an improvement program to uplift the Agency’s capability to the required levels. The current operating capability of the organisation was assessed and baselined. Capability improvement targets were identified and plotted over a 4-year horizon. These targets will be achieved largely through training and operational change management activities and monitored at set intervals to assess the progress over the life of the program.

To achieve this, CPT collaborated with key client stakeholders to determine the Agency’s operational priorities. Based on these priorities, CPT’s ITIL based Service Management Capability Assessment Workbench was used to assess the current state of the agency’s ICT service management capabilities via collaborative workshops with key personnel and a fact-based review of defined process documents and artefacts.

An overall ITIL Process Maturity Rating was represented graphically within the Workbench for each service management process, together with identified gaps with supporting evidence. For each process, interim and target-state process maturity targets were established over the projected 4-year timeframe of the digital transformation program.

Specific improvement actions were defined to enable the Agency’s capability targets to be achieved. A prioritised implementation roadmap of service management improvement actions was formulated. The roadmap plotted the improvement initiatives that would enable the necessary uplift in each ICT Service Management capability required to deliver and operate the new and updated platforms being delivered by the digital transformation program.

The assessment report and uplift roadmap was accepted by the Agency and incorporated into their digital transformation program.

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