Is your organisation facing challenges that are driving demand for scarce IBM mainframe and associated skillsets?

Digital transformation has significant associated implications for core/legacy systems. The need to modernise applications and consider shifting workloads off the mainframe are complex undertakings, reliant on expertise in both the new technologies and the legacy systems. CPT was founded on mainframe expertise, but our technology expertise extends through the entire technology stack and the full delivery lifecycle.

If your organisation is encountering issues, looking to undertake modernisation programs, or simply need an independent team of experts who can work alongside your existing provider – CPT is ready to help. We can assist in:

  • Planning for your technology transformation – application modernisation, shifting workloads, migration to the cloud
  • Optimising your legacy systems and billing arrangements in advance of any transformations
  • Uplifting the in-house skills in legacy systems through an effective knowledge transfer process
  • Supporting alignment of systems and processes to enable agile delivery
  • Bringing expertise in assurance for industry, regulatory and compliance reforms
  • Planning for your next Outsource renewal

CPT‘s Mainframe Centre of Excellence has provided consulting and delivery services to clients in 35 countries around the world. We’ve helped customers improve their IT delivery, speed and capability in industries such as finance, telecommunications, utilities, health, education, government, and logistics.

Let our experts work with you to achieve great outcomes.

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